I was raised in a tiny village in the northern part of Portugal. It was while attending high school in a nearby town that I first discovered food magazines and culinary shows. I yearned to duplicate some of the recipes but most of the time lacked access to the necessary ingredients and bakeware. This limited my opportunities but fueled a desire to rely on imagination to recreate inspiring recipes.


Life eventually brought me to the United States, the land of dreams and opportunities! I took a job in the insurance industry, eventually owning my own business. As my career flourished so did my passion for cookbooks, food-related magazines and cooking shows. Food has always been the language through which I express myself best. A good dish speaks a primal, silent and universal language that connects people through its aromas, flavors, textures and colors.


In my late forties I moved to Cambridge and on many walks to Porter Square, I passed by the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. The longing that lay dormant for so many years came to life again! I enrolled in their Culinary Certificate Program, but my attention shifted quickly toward baking, as it provided a blank canvas where I could express my creativity in unlimited ways.


Baking became an obsession. I spent my days dreaming of eggs, sugar and flour! Feeling the pull, I accepted an internship at a cake shop, working there on Saturdays. On my first day, I knew I had come home.


Bolo is dedicated to all the free-spirited women who dare to fly!